Client Reviews

I wanted my family and I to catch salmon, and we did. This business is professional in many perspectives. Any business that is based on the willingness of the ocean to cooperate will have a lot of challenges, but this business does a great job at working around the most obvious challenges. For example, you are required to call a day ahead to make sure the ocean conditions look favorable for your trip before you wake up at 5am for no reason. The captain of the boat "The Affair" was waiting for us when we arrived, and he had the gear ready to fish as soon as we got in the fishing grounds. The fishing roads were set to fish for salmon at different depths. When we were getting no bites,  the captain looked for new options. We were successful at fishing for Salmon when other boats were not.

On your return you can choose to get your catch cleaned professionally for a low fee.

In general, this was a great experience. The captain was very helpful and willing to share his knowledge with us.

One challenge that we felt could have been dealt with better was the division of the opportunities to catch the salmon. So, beware - if you go in the Affair, make sure that you and your group understand how these opportunities work or talk with the group and captain early on to come up with a plan that works for everyone. We were told that we had a set up that was meant to be shared, so we thought that meant that we were all going to have equal chances to catch the salmon. But what ended up happening was that one group took the majority of the early opportunities until they maxed out (2 fish per person), and our group of three took the rest of the opportunities (we got 3 fish and lost 2 at the end). This in part happened because the lovely couple that we were fishing with was closer to the rods that had the bites. I mentioned this to the captain at the end and he told me that he would try to do better in the future. If I knew the rules were 'run to the pole first until you max out', my group would have behaved differently than what we did. This was not one of those 'life is like this' situations, but a situation where the business could have had a more clear guidelines for everyone to have an equal chance to fish.

One more note - if you are prone to puking like me when the swell is moderate, try to stay on the left side of the boat to avoid the exhaust fumes. It didn't ruin the experience, but I did say hi to the ocean 2 times.