Memorial Services at Dockside

Memorial Services

Dockside Charters offers services to our customers and their loved ones to have their memorial service and ash scatterings on one of our certified vessels. Our boats can accommodate your family and friends up to 40 passengers.

The trip usually typically will take about 30-45 minutes and we will take your family and guests out onto the ocean where, on the spacious after decks of our vessels you can have your memorial service privately and in comfort.

Your captain will provide you with an exact location of the memorial and ash scattering in latitude and longitude numbers and you are free to request any specific location along the Depoe Bay coastline for your memorial (some restrictions apply). In some cases we are even asked to scatter ashes when family members are either not present on the boat or out of the area. We can provide this service for you if you choose to watch from the Depoe Bay bridge or shoreline.

Call us for more information regarding this service.