Whale Watching Tours in Depoe Bay Oregon

Pacific Grey Whale Watching

Whales can be seen from several different viewpoints along the Oregon Coast, but the best view is from one of our fifty-foot Delta charter boats! Come aboard and find out why Depoe Bay is the self-proclaimed whale watching capital of the Oregon Coast.

Whale watching is a year-round activity here at Dockside Charters. We offer whale watching excursions from December through October on our clean, comfortable, and well-maintained charter boats.

The most optimal times to view whales in Depoe Bay are during the two migration seasons of the Grey Whale. During the winter migration season, the whales move from Alaska to warmer waters in Baja, Mexico. The peak of the winter migration typically happens between late October and April. The spring migration is usually from March to May.

Not all Grey Whale’s migration through to Alaska. Approximately 200 whales will stay just off the Oregon Coast through summer and fall. About 20 of those Grey Whales remain in the Depoe Bay area. This makes June through September the most popular time for Depoe Bay whale watching. Our resident whales get particularly close to the coast and seem to come back year after year to feed on the abundant resources of the reef areas.

You’re sure to see plenty of Grey Whale sightings on one of our whale watching excursions. Often the whales come right up to the boat to say hello. Any time of day is great for whale watching since they don’t have the same sleep patterns as humans and feed nearly 24 hours a day!

You may even get to experience two of the most exciting whale behaviors: breaching and spyhopping. Breaching is when the whale lunges out of the water, sometimes getting airborne. This is no small feat to get these great behemoths into the air. They weigh about 70,000 pounds or about 35 tons. Spyhopping is a bit more common to see while on our whale watching charters, with the Grey Whale’s sticking its head straight up out of the water.

Grey Whales aren’t the only mammals you can see while whale watching with us at Depoe Bay. Humpback Whales, and the biggest animal on earth, the Blue Whale, have also been sighted on our charter boats. Blue Whales are typically seen further north, in colder waters, but sightings have been made on the Oregon Coast. Humpback whales are a top pick for whale watchers. They can be pretty active at the water’s surface, leaping out of the water or hitting their tails against the water. You are more likely to see these humpbacks near the horizon, about five to fifteen miles off the coast.

Why Dockside Charters?

Dockside Charters is the best choice for Depoe Bay whale watching. As a Veteran owned and family-operated business, we’re dedicated to providing our guests with an exceptional charter experience.

Not only do we have the largest fleet of 50’ Delta’s on the West Coast, but our entire fleet is very comfortable, incredibly safe, and impeccably clean. Our knowledgeable and entertaining captains and crew have decades of experience and are committed to putting personal service first. There’s no doubt that you’ll have a Depoe Bay whale watching experience you won’t soon forget.

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