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blue Whale Watching

Of all the spectacular creatures living on earth, blue whales are a class apart. They are the largest mammals to ever live on earth. They can grow up to 30 meters which is equivalent to three school buses lined together. They can weigh as much as 440,000 pounds or 200,000 Kg. Some of their organs are the largest ever found in the animal kingdom. The heart of a blue whale can weigh as much as a car at around 400 pounds or 180kg. These gigantic animals are a sight to behold when they go about their business in the sea. It’s an extraordinary chance to watch them in live-action, especially at Depoe Bay. Let these amazing facts convince you more to explore them.

  • Blue whales have descended from the land mammals. They began their transition to aquatic life just 50 million years ago. Interestingly. The unprecedented growth is due to the low-gravity saltwater.
  • Blue whales are actually bluish-grey in color. Their deep blue color is due to the color of the water and sunlight when they dive down deep. Then they appear deeper blue; otherwise, they actually appear grey when they are at the surface. Their undersides are yellow-white or light grey because of the accumulation of diatoms in cold water.
  • Blue whales produce one of the loudest sounds on earth. A jet plane makes a noise at 140 decibels, while blue whales make noise at 188 decibels. Under favorable conditions, you can hear the sound of blue whales up to a distance of 994 miles or 1600 km. their sounds are shallow-pitched whines and moans. These sounds are generally heard during the mating seasons between late autumn and winter.
  • Blue whales are conscious breathers like dolphins and other whales. They don't fall asleep entirely. Their one half of the brain is always conscious while their half falls asleep. This prevents the body from drowning.
  • Blue whales are mid-water hunters and have splashguard shielded twin blowholes. They must come to the surface to breathe as they exhale air out of their blowholes. Their blowholes are so large that a child can crawl through them easily.
  • The migration pattern of the blue whales is quite diverse and not thoroughly understood. Many tend to live only in high-productivity habitats, while others migrate to warmer breeding grounds each year. They can starve for up to four months surviving only on the accumulated body fat during migrations.

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