Humpback Whales- the ultimate sea giants

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The Humpback whales are one of the most commonly found whales in all oceans around the world. These majestic creatures were ruthlessly hunted for their meat and other body parts until they were at the brink of extinction. However, due to stricter laws, their population is rising by the year. Witnessing those magnificent creatures is a moment to cherish for a lifetime. You should make use of the opportunity the next time you visit Depoe Bay. Here are some fascinating facts about the Humpback whales that have piqued many people's interest to witness them eventually.

  • When you get to see, the humpback whales notice their tails. Although the bodies are mainly black and grey in color, their bellies, pectoral fins and undersides of their tails differ. Each individual has a distinct pattern on those parts that makes the scientists and researchers differentiate between them. See if you can notice the differences as well.
  • The legendary Humpback whale songs are something straight out of a magical world. The males make these long series of complex sounds. They can be heard typically during the breeding season or winter. Sometimes they are also heard during summer and last anywhere between 10- 20 minutes. Researchers have found that sometimes the songs will gradually change over the years or remain the same for many male members living in the same area.
  • Some humpback whales travel in small clusters or go solo. However, they occasionally hunt in groups. It is a fascinating sight to witness as they use a method called bubble-net feeding. They dive deep and then rise up in the spiral pattern. They release a steady bulk of bubbles from their blowholes encircling the large schools of fish. Once the shoal of fish is pushed towards the surface, the whales open their mouth through the bubbles and catch their prey.
  • Due to a lack of teeth (humpbacks are baleen whales), it is hard to determine their exact age. But researchers suggest they can live up to 90 years. Females give birth to a single calf after a gestation period of eleven months. The babies are 13- 16 feet in length.
  • These humpbacks are one of the most favorites of the whale watchers because of their playfulness. They put on quite a show with their slapping the surface of the water with their tails and fins regularly. They frequently jump out of the water creating spectacular scenes for photography.

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